Our State of the Art OKR Certification for Practitioners

Hone your skills in deploying OKRs within organizations
through our streamlined OKR Practitioner Certification.
This self-paced, two-hour program is tailored for those
seeking a concise training experience, focusing on essential aspects
without the need for a lengthy commitment.

Elevate Team Performance with OKR Practitioner Certification

Unlock the Power of OKRs with our OKR Certification

  • Foundations of OKRs
  • Why & when using OKRs
  • Prerequisite to use OKRs
  • How to define great Objectives
  • How to define Key Results
  • How to integrate OKRs in your daily practice (rutuals)

What you can expect from this OKR Certification

  • You’ll understand what OKRs are about
  • You’ll be able to create great OKRs
  • You’ll learn what are the key rituals to make OKRs work
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of OKRs
  • A certification OKRS Practitioner by OKRmentors

Who is the program for?

For employees, leaders, and anyone interested in understanding OKRs fundamentals and key elements to work well with OKR.


Employees and Leaders

Define quarterly OKRs based on company OKR and team priorities. Provide input and actively engage in OKR check-ins and retrospectives. Some team members may be identified as leaders of a Key Result, coordinating its execution.

Our OKR certification helps you become an OKR expert and hit the ground running. Here’s how:

Learn from the Best in the Industry

Unlock the secrets of OKRs by learning directly from the world's top OKR experts. Our program provides you with invaluable insights from experts who have successfully trained thousands of teams and assisted hundreds of organizations of all sizes and industries. Leverage their real-world experiences, frameworks, and approaches to propel yourself to excellence.

Industry-Wide Recognition

Our OKR Coach Certification holds substantial value across industries. Having helped hundreds of organizations implement OKRs, our certification is widely recognized and respected by hiring managers. By becoming a certified OKR coach, you'll stand out to prospective employers in various sectors.

Discover our Certified Trainings

and learn from world-class experts

How it works

Self-Paced Online Course Complemented by Expert Guidance

Our OKR Practitioner Certification combines the convenience of self-paced online learning with the invaluable support of expert guidance. This structure allows you to delve into the intricacies of OKRs at your own pace while having access to top experts in the field. The online course material is designed to be engaging and comprehensive, ensuring a deep understanding of OKR principles and practices.

Ready-to-Use Playbook and Templates

As part of the course, you'll receive a playbook and templates that you can directly use in your projects. These resources have been designed based on our vast experience in the field and are ready to use, helping you to quickly get started with your own OKR projects and save valuable time

Delivered by Top Experts in Your Local Language

The course is delivered by seasoned OKR professionals, ensuring that you receive high-quality, practical knowledge. These experts bring a wealth of experience and insights, making the learning process both enriching and relevant. Additionally, the course is offered in multiple languages, providing a comfortable learning experience in your local language.

Comparative view of OKR Certification Trainings





Theme Topic Certified OKR Practitioner Certified OKR Leader Certified OKR Champion Certified OKR Professional Coach
Intro, Benefits & Prerequisite of OKRs
Crafting great OKRs
OKR Dos & Donts
OKR Cycle, alignment & rituals
Strategy & Performance
Vision to Action with OKRs 
OKR architecture
OKR and performance
Deep Dive: Metrics

Organization Deployment
Deployment strategy elements 
Deep dive: OKR architecture

Deep dive: OKR roll out plans & ressources

OKR Cycle, Rituals & Mechanics
How to organize and plan a cycle
How to facilitate an OKR Definition
How to facilitate a Check-in
How to facilitate a Retrospective
Leadership & Change
How to be a Sponsor and Strategic Leader
How to coach & mentors leaders and teams
OKR adoption & Culture

Change management practices

What people say about our OKR Certifications


5 / 5

CEO, Neveo
Simon Desbarax

A straight to the point and friendly way to get into OKR. Totally recommended for managers who want to bring their teams' execution to the next level.


5 / 5

Data & Growth, Neveo
Josef Lilljegren

Very nicely condensed to outline the foundations of the OKR-methodology. As for the presentation, the slides were to the point and focused. I was a bit inpatient with the parts that recapped and announced what to come - a side effect of the short-video format, I guess. They would, I suppose, have been more appreciated if I had not done the series in one go as I did. All in all very well done.


5 / 5

Program director Worldline Merchant Services
Paul Taylor

The OKR Boost course is a great starter for those about to get onboard the OKR journey. It is concise and to the point. Good content that isn't boring. Some bullet lists to remember the key points which I always find helpful. Timely quizzes that cover the main takeaways. Thanks!

About our OKR Certificates: Frequently asked question

As part of the program, you'll get a ready-to-implement playbook on how to implement OKRs within an organization.

Upon completion, you'll walk away with practical tools, a deep understanding of OKRs, and the skills to foster a culture of alignment, collaboration, and focused results within teams.

For employees, leaders and anyone interested in understanding OKRs fundamentals and key elements to work well with OKR.

A Certification from OKRmentors means that you've undergone a comprehensive training program from world-leading OKR experts. It's a testament to your skills and knowledge in implementing and coaching OKRs within organizations, recognized by professionals across various industries.

The course is self-paced and lasts about 2 hours, not including time for assignments and examinations.

Our instructors are some of the world's leading OKR experts, having trained thousands of teams and helped hundreds of organizations of all sizes and industries. They bring their real-world experiences, frameworks, and approaches into the teaching process to help you excel.

The classes are designed to be interactive and engaging. They combine theoretical knowledge with practical case studies and hands-on exercises. This allows students to apply their learning to real-world scenarios, preparing them to handle actual challenges when implementing OKRs.

Getting started is easy. Simply visit our website, review the course details, and click on the 'Enroll Now' button. If you have any questions, our admissions team will be more than happy to assist you.

The program's cost depends on various factors such as the date of enrolment and the availability of any ongoing promotions. We accept multiple forms of payment including credit cards and bank transfers. We also offer installment options for ease of payment. Please reach out to our admissions team for specific details.

All you need is a reliable internet connection, a modern browser, and a device like a laptop or desktop to access our course content.

Yes, we do offer group discounts for organizations looking to upskill their teams. Additionally, we can create custom training programs tailored to the specific needs of your business. Please contact our sales team to discuss these options further.