Our Manifesto

In today's rapidly evolving society and business environment, an increasing number of organizations and individuals want to play an active role in building a better future.  The urgency to become more agile and purpose-driven is more significant than ever for companies aiming for success. Traditional planning and execution methods are no longer effective, and a new approach is needed.

At OKRmentors, we believe that OKRs are the best strategic tool to help teams reach their full potential. We are experts in leadership, transformation, and strategy, specializing in the implementation of OKRs within organizations. We help organizations bridge the gap between strategy and execution through six key enablers:


We help leaders make their strategy a day-to-day topic for all because having a sense of purpose is essential for driving any lasting change. Purpose-driven organizations are more successful because they inspire and engage their employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Clarity and Focus

We help leaders and teams prioritize their strategic objectives. In a world full of distractions, it is increasingly challenging and critical to make priorities clear and empower teams and individuals to focus on what matters most.


We help leaders and teams align on the value and outcomes they want to achieve. It is crucial for companies to share a common vision and goals across all levels of the organization, from the CEO to the front-line employee.

Motivation and Accountability

We help leaders and teams stay motivated and accountable for the success of their company. We empower teams to become more autonomous and engaged in achieving strategic outcomes.

Customer-centricity and Outcome Mindset

We help leaders and teams prioritize customers and outcomes in strategic conversations. We empower teams and individuals to think about the value they can create and the outcomes they want to achieve.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability

We help leaders and teams foster a culture of continuous learning. In a world that is rapidly changing, a company's success depends on its ability to adapt quickly to new realities. We empower leaders to execute their strategies more agilely and enable teams to embed continuous learning and experimentation into their ways of working.

At OKRmentors, we have helped hundreds of companies leverage these 6 enablers to execute their strategies more effectively thanks to the OKR method. These multiple implementations of OKRs led us to believe that:

1. They aren’t the silver bullet. Yet, how you use it could help you build a highly-performing operating system.

2. They are means to an end. Not an end in itself. The strategic execution enablers are what you'll be looking to see improvement when implementing OKR.

3. This is not one size fits all. It shall be adapted to the motivation and context of the organization.

4. They are here to help leaders and teams, not the other way around.

5. It is key to adhere to underlying enablers to be able to implement OKRs well.

We bring together OKR experts and practitioners to connect, learn, and grow through training, certifications, coaching, advisory, collaboration, and community.

Together, we are committed to empowering more teams to deliver their full potential.

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Who are we?

When building OKRmentors, we thought we wanted to be able to help any team to deliver to their full potential, that’s why our team is conformed of a group of experts who:

▶ Are in 11+ countries around the world

▶ Offer OKR training in 8 different languages

▶ Have experience in all industries and with top-level references!

▶ Cover various expertise areas beyond OKRs such as strategy, transformation, strategy execution, and innovation 

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