Want to level up your OKR game with the best?

Access must-watch OKR best practices and technics from Felipe Castro, Ben Lamorte, Paul Niven, Linkedin, SAP, Experian, Renault (and more) in this rich 8 hours program with 15 keynotes, panel & workshops.
  • Discover OKR

    Get to know the agile Goal and Performance Management Framework OKRs. Explore how it can help your company succeed and how to get started!

  • Scale OKR

    Once you started implementing OKR, it might be time to scale and "spread the love" throughout your organization. Discover how to move from OKR pilots to enterprise-wide agility.

  • Optimize OKR

    Once everyone is using OKR, focus is on improving fluidity and effectiveness overall. Explore what are pitfalls to avoid and best practices to generate maximum value out of OKR.


  • 1

    Main Stage, Keynotes & Panel

  • 2

    Workshops track 1: Discover OKR

    • 'OKR Business Integration - The key to getting the most out of OKRs’ - Natalija Hellesoe, OKRs at the center

    • ‘From Strategy to Execution’ - Francesca Nardocci, Scaleup Practitioners

    • ‘Make an elephant Dance with OKR’ - Kenneth Paul Lewis, OKR International & Edna Ambundo, Colgate-Palmolive

    • ‘OKR antipattern - how NOT to use OKR’ - Zwetomir Karagaschki, Metro.digital

  • 3

    Workshops track 2: Scale OKR

    • 'How to successfully scale OKR for 10.000 employees – 3 key learnings from SAP S/4HANA’ - Lin Liu, SAP S/4HANA

    • ‘How Renault drives collective engagement & performance with OKR’ - Alexandra Malak & Béatrice Chavanel, Renault

    • ‘From successful pilot to global scale’ - Lamia Moussaoui, Société Générale

    • ‘How to scale with OKR’ - Ben Askew-Renaut, Packlink

    • ‘KR’s ROI is ROT - Return On Trust’ - Lucas Gauzzi, Experian & Jenny Herald, Gtmhub

  • 4

    Workshops track 3: Optimize OKR

    • ‘How we use OKR to bring German soccer back to the top’ - Julia Zirn & Roland Esterle, cidpartners

    • 'OKRs to help scale Chargebee SaaS services’ - Peter Kerr, Auxin OKR & Vidhya Parvathy M., Chargebee

    • ‘Make OKR Lean Again’ - Bart den Haak, Moving the Needle

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Computer Futures FR

Computer Futures est un spécialiste mondial du recrutement en informatique. Il utilise son expertise locale et sa connaissance du marché pour mettre en relation les entreprises avec des talents informatiques hautement qualifiés. Plus d'informations sur www.computerfutures.fr

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The OKR Forum 2022 is brought to you by Computer Futures, co-hosted with Workpath & OKRmentors, and with the support of our partners Tangible Growthcidpartners, Gtmhub, and AUXIN OKR.

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  • Life-changing guidance

    Discover best practices and technics from OKR world-class references and practitioners from global companies!

  • More than 8 hours of content

    OKR Forum 2022 VOD program includes 2 keynotes, 1 expert panel, and 12 workshops



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    If you are a company wanting to improve their strategic execution and/or their use of OKR. Then yes. There are trainings for anyone in your organization regardless of their role. Check out our courses section.

  • Does OKRMentors apply to my business?

    OKRMentors was designed to be applicable regardless of the industry or geography of your venture. Our experts have worked with all types of organizations. Large multinational and Start-ups. Service oriented or Digital. In all parts of the world.

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