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Learn from world-famous brands how they successfully enable strategic focus and outcome-centered thinking in their organizations with the agile Goal & Performance Management Framework ‘OKRs’.
  • Start with OKRs

    Get to know the agile Goal and Performance Management Framework 'OKRs'. Explore how it can help your company succeed and how to get started!

  • Strategy with OKR

    Grow your impact by better linking your strategy to day-to-day execution. Discover how organizations leverage OKR to collectively deliver their strategies.

  • Scale OKR

    Once you started implementing OKR, it might be time to scale and "spread the love" throughout your organization. Discover how to move from OKR pilots to enterprise-wide agility.


  • 1

    Main Stage, Keynotes & Panel

    • Introduction & Welcome - Elie Casamitjana, CEO OKRmentors & Teresa Fernandez, Marketing Workpath.

    • The 6th Mantra: embedding alignment into your OKRs Program - Ben Lamorte, President OKRs.com

    • Expert Panel - Henri Sora, OKR Expert & Author, Natalija Hellesoe, Founder OKRs at the center & Daniel Montgomery, Director Agile Strategies.

    • Leveraging OKR to report and engage around ESGs - Brett Knowles, Founder PM2 consulting.

  • 2

    Workshops track 1: Start with OKRs

    • Learnings and best practices implementing OKRs - Jelmer Koekkoek, Agile Lead Knab & Karoliina Kauhanen, Founder Commu App.

    • Key steps to engage the leadership and the rest of the organization into OKR - Sara Gomes Santos & Nuno Silva Pereira, Agile and OKRs Coaches NewStore.

    • Best practices to train teams to bring OKR at Scale - Elie Casamitjana, CEO OKRmentors.

    • Key takeaways and tips after using 1 year OKRs in a fast growing tech start-up - Szymon Piełudź, PMO ClickMeeting.

  • 3

    Workshops track 2: Strategy with OKR

    • OKR, engaging people through purpose -Lidia Szutkiewicz, HR Profitroom.

    • How we implemented OKR to create a collective value driven culture - Ellen van Hemert, CPO Drukwerkdeal.

  • 4

    Workshops track 3: Scale OKR

    • Engaging champions to bring OKR at scale - Micaela Arizpe, Business Manager Personio.

    • Can OKR work in a project-based organization? - Moritz Miller, Senior Manager Drees & Sommer.

    • How to align OKRs in 1.000+ people organizations - Elena Zhukova, Business Analyst Lufthansa Systems.

    • Building an OKR Champion community - Renae Fisher, Product Manager Adobe.

    • Part 1. Scaling OKR from the Director Level to the Entire Organization in One Year- Mirjam Rieger, Cidpartners and Torsten Müller, TIMOCOM GmbH.

    • Part 2. Scaling OKR from the Director Level to the Entire Organization in One Year- Mirjam Rieger, Cidpartners and Torsten Müller, TIMOCOM GmbH.

    • Part 3. Scaling OKR from the Director Level to the Entire Organization in One Year- Mirjam Rieger, Cidpartners and Torsten Müller, TIMOCOM GmbH.

Event Main Organizer

Computer Futures

Computer Futures is a global tech staffing specialist. For more than 35 years, we’ve been connecting world-class businesses with highly skilled tech talent. Our approach is simple – we combine our global networks, local expertise, and specialist market knowledge to provide first-rate flexible employment solutions that help professionals to excel and businesses to grow.

Participating brands

The OKR Forum 2023 is brought to you by Computer Futures, co-hosted with Workpath & OKRmentors, and with the support of our partners Tangible Growthcidpartners, and AUXIN OKR.

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    Discover best practices and technics from OKR world-class references and practitioners from global companies!

  • More than 8 hours of content

    OKR Forum 2023 VOD program includes 2 keynotes, 1 expert panel, and 13 workshops



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