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Elevate your role as an agile coach or team member
by joining our OKR Champion Certificate Program.

Learn the art and science of OKRs, gain practical tools,
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Elevate Team Performance with OKR Champion Certificate

Unlock the power of goal-setting and strategic execution within your team with our OKR Champion Certification Program. This specialized program is designed for agile coaches and team members aspiring to become OKR champions. 

Dive into the art and science of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and seamlessly integrate this powerful framework into your daily practices.

As a participant, you will develop the skills to foster collaboration and alignment within your team, leveraging OKRs to drive focused results. Our program provides practical tools and a step-by-step playbook for rolling out OKRs, ensuring you're prepared to implement and champion this transformative approach.

Our comprehensive training guides you through the essentials of OKR implementation, from understanding the 'why' and 'when' to use OKRs, to mastering the art of aligning vision, strategy, and action. Gain in-depth knowledge on defining impactful Objectives and measurable Key Results, and learn how to effectively run OKR check-ins and retrospectives.

Upon completion, earn your certification as an OKR Champion by OKRmentors (OKRC), showcasing your expertise in this field. This certification not only enhances your ability to drive team success but also positions you as a key player in fostering a culture of high performance and continuous improvement.


Who is this program for?

For managers who want to implement OKRs within their teams. 


Team Members and Team Leaders

Define quarterly OKRs based on company OKR and team priorities. Provide input and actively engage in OKR check-ins and retrospectives. Some team members may be identified as leaders of a Key Result, coordinating its execution.

We help you become an OKR expert and hit the ground running. Here’s how:

Learn from the Best in the Industry

Gain invaluable insights directly from the world's top OKR experts who have trained thousands of teams and helped hundreds of organizations across all sizes and industries. Leverage their real-world experiences, frameworks, and approaches to help you excel.

Industry-Wide Recognition

We've helped hundreds of organizations implement OKRs, which is why hiring managers across industries recognize and value the OKR Coach Certification. As a certified OKR coach, you’ll stand out to prospective employers in all sectors.

How it works

Self-Paced Online Course Complemented by Expert Guidance

Our unique blend of two half-day live sessions and high-quality, self-paced online learning ensures a well-rounded learning experience. Our engaging live sessions offer direct interaction with top OKR experts, allowing for personalized attention and real-time feedback. Additionally, the self-paced online learning gives you the flexibility to absorb the material at your own pace, making it possible to deepen your understanding and practice as much as you need.

Six months Access to Our Expert Community

Upon enrollment, you'll gain one-year access to our vibrant community of OKR experts. This will offer ongoing coaching and mentoring, ensuring you have the support you need even after completing the program. This unique opportunity allows you to tap into the collective wisdom of seasoned professionals, helping you to continually evolve your OKR coaching skills.

Ready-to-Use Playbook and Templates

As part of the course, you'll receive a playbook and templates that you can directly use in your projects. These resources have been designed based on our vast experience in the field and are ready to use, helping you to quickly get started with your own OKR projects and save valuable time.

Comparative view of OKR Certification Trainings





Theme Topic Certified OKR Practitioner Certified OKR Leader Certified OKR Champion Certified OKR Professional Coach
Intro, Benefits & Prerequisite of OKRs
Crafting great OKRs
OKR Dos & Donts
OKR Cycle, alignment & rituals
Strategy & Performance
Vision to Action with OKRs 
OKR architecture
OKR and performance
Deep Dive: Metrics

Organization Deployment
Deployment strategy elements 
Deep dive: OKR architecture

Deep dive: OKR roll out plans & ressources

OKR Cycle, Rituals & Mechanics
How to organize and plan a cycle
How to facilitate an OKR Definition
How to facilitate a Check-in
How to facilitate a Retrospective
Leadership & Change
How to be a Sponsor and Strategic Leader
How to coach & mentors leaders and teams
OKR adoption & Culture

Change management practices


Become a Certified OKR Champion with OKRmentors

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OKR Champion Certification Training



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