Wecandoo's Transformation with OKRs

The Challenge

In the world of artisanal workshops and creative experiences, Wecandoo is quite a success story already. Their idea is brilliant. A marketplace where artisans can offer workshops for craft lovers. A great way for a growing number of people looking to use their hands and creative side a bit more. And a great way to bring craft artisans on the spotlight and help them generate stable income.

Born in France, Wecandoo concept started picking up a few years ago and the founding team comprised of Gregoire Hugon, Edouard Eyglunent and Arnaud Tiret decided this was time to scale the concept, in France but also in other geographies. Besides they wanted to develop an offer for B2B. They raised €3.5M funds (series A with 2 investor) and started recruiting more talents. While the ambitions were growing and the growth path accelerating, it became more and more important to keep the team tight aligned and engaged with the strategic priorities and help team members collaborate accross on key initiatives accross the whole organization. They started using OKRs in 2022 to address just that. 

'For us it became clear that scaling fast while keeping everyone aligned and engaged and focus on customer value was going to be a challenge and we needed a solution to that. That's how we heard about OKRs and decided to implement the method. Since then we never looked back'

Edouard Eglument, CEO & Founder at Wecandoo.

After using OKRs for a little while though, the team realized OKRs were simple to comprehend, yet brought some challenges in practice. 

  • How to leverage collective intelligence to find the best ways to achieve strategic outcomes?
  • How to avoid that OKRs are being perceived as 'on top' on all other day to day activities?
  • How to measure outcomes when it is hard to find the right data?
  • How to create a cadence so that strategic priorities are part of the operating rythm of the organization?
  • How to make sure everyone is engaged with the company's priorities and know how they can contribute?

A lot of questions a lot of organizations face when implementing OKRs. This is when Wecandoo founding team called in OKRmentors. 

The Transformation

OKRmentors team appointed an OKR Executive Coach to help Wecandoo founders optimize their strategic execution set-up. The next action  was to appoint an OKR lead internally that could take responsibility over the OKR implementation and management of the OKR cycles. 

Our Coach worked hand in hand advising the internal OKR Lead and founding team during 6 months. The objective: Get them full speed with OKRs and autonomous as soon as possible. 

These are the key ingredients used to evolve the ways OKRs serve Wecandoo's purpose.

  1. Training: All leaders & managers received an OKR Practitioners training to be up to speed on the fundamentals of OKRs. They would then be the facilitators of the process within their teams.

  2. OKR Cycle: The Quarterly Strategic Cycle was reviewed and optimized for teams to receive clear guidance from leadership team as well as give space for horizontal and vertical alignment. This is how it looks like now:

    "A brainstorming session with the teams to identify team KRs and initiatives, afterwards a session regrouping all the managers from the different team is set to identify dependencies and prioritize our scope of action and finally the teams identify clear ownership over initiatives. While delivering the OKR, weekly check-ups happen to follow-up the success of the initiatives". 

    Aida Daoudi, Strategic Project Manager and OKR Lead, Wecandoo.

  3. Continuous improvement: The OKR lead worked closely with managers and teams to create a feedback loop and ensure she was fed with insights on what worked and what required improvement. Personal relationship, retrospectives and surveys were instrumental to allow her to be inform and take action to better support the organization in adopting OKRs.

  4. Personalized coaching: the OKR lead and founders would meet regularly with the OKR Executive Coach from OKRmentors and brought any question, concern and challenges they may face or be informed by their teams. This help react fast to any topic arising in the organization.

  5. AMAs: the OKR Lead started organizing "Ask Me Anything" sessions for Managers and for teams to allow them to express themselves, raise their questions and get them addressed by our experts.

  6. Onboarding material: In the life of a start-up, there is a constant flow of new team members joining. To help them get up to speed fast and jump on the Wecandoo board, the OKR Lead worked on an onboarding training material briefing them about strategic priorities of the organizations and how they can contribute through the OKR process.

The Impact

Wecandoo teams are now fully aware and onboard of strategic priorities. They work every day towards achieving common goals and outcomes and leverage OKRs for that purpose. The OKR Lead makes sure there is good rhythm and the teams are supported while leadership can leverage collective intelligence to further guide strategies and growth focus of the organization. They are growing this year in the Netherlands, Belgium and UK while growing significantly their offer they moved from 1100 to 1950 artisans in a year and aim for 2800 joining Wecandoo towards the end of 2023

'OKRmentors focus on being solution-oriented was particularly appreciated, ensuring that our challenges were met with effective strategies and actionable insights.'

Edouard Eglument, CEO & Founder at Wecandoo

'For OKRmentors, it was a tremendous pleasure providing guidance and support to such a talented team and powerful mission that is the one of Wecandoo. It has been very rewarding to see how OKRs helped Wecandoo teams align on common goals, look together in the same direction and execute with focus.'

Elie Casamitjana, CEO & Founder of OKRmentors

About Wecandoo

Wecandoo champions craftsmanship, uniting enthusiasts with artisans and producers through immersive workshops. With over 4,000 craft workshops spanning France, Brussels, Amsterdam, and London, participants dive into diverse crafts, from ceramics to beekeeping. Wecandoo's mission centers on authenticity, conviviality, and human connection, forging timeless moments of shared experience.

About OKRmentors

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