OKRX 2022 Reflections

OKRX Summit was held very successfully on May 26th 2022. The virtual summit, hosted by Talentmelon with the main sponsorship of GTMHub, included 15 speakers from all around the world and was watched by over 400+ participants from 36 different countries!
  • Who is this Masterclass for?

    Everyone who is interested in learning and improving their OKR skills from the experience of great experts.

  • Business management level

    All levels

  • Improvement objective

    Focus, practice, improve, implement.


OKRx Summit 2022 

Sure Köse Ulutaş, the founder of Talentmelon and the architect of OKRX Summit  │ Stanford University Professor Christina Wodtke │ Ben Lamorte, the founder of OKRs.com  │ Daniel Montgomery, the founder of Agile Strategies │ Gökhan Güney, the deputy CEO of LC Waikiki  │ Seval Gökçeler, Business Unit Manager of Garanti BBVA Technology and more…


  • 1


    • Writing OKRs Backwards - Hannes Albrecht

    • Keys for Scalable OKR Experiment - Lamia Moussaoui

    • How 'Best fit OKR solution' can make your team succeed - Ongun Demirler

  • 2


    • Teams Thinking Outside of the Box - Sure Köse Ulutaş

    • Key Success Factors For An Optimal OKR Adoption - Elie Casamitjana

    • Christina Wodtke-Fireside Chat

    • The OKR Cake - Melanie Wessels

    • The critical capabilities enabling adaptive strategy - Evan Campbell

    • The OKR Transition of LC Waikiki - Gökhan Güney

    • Why Do We Try OKR for One Year - Seval Gökçeler

    • Trends OKR Coaches Should Know - Ben Lamorte

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Event Main Organizer

Melon Company

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What's in it?

  • Life-changing guidance

    Discover best practices and techniques with World-renowned OKR references and practitioners from global companies!

  • More than 200 minutes of content

    OKRx Summit 2022 includes 14 sessions with recognized international experts from all around the World.



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    OKRMentors was designed to be applicable regardless of the industry or geography of your venture. Our experts have worked with all types of organizations. Large multinational and Start-ups. Service oriented or Digital. In all parts of the world.

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