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At OKRmentors, we have created THE place for OKR experts and practitioners to converge, to forge meaningful connections, gain insights, and foster personal and professional growth through a rich tapestry of training, certifications, coaching, advisory services, collaborative initiatives, and community engagement.

Driven by a shared commitment, our OKR experts strive to empower diverse teams across industries, unlocking their full potential for success. Come be a part of our journey—join us in redefining the future of collaborative excellence!

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Our Manifesto- Empower Your Strategy with Our OKR Experts: Driving Purpose, Clarity, and Success

In today's rapidly evolving society and business environment, an increasing number of organizations and individuals want to play an active role in building a better future. The urgency to become more agile and purpose-driven is more significant than ever for companies aiming for success. Traditional planning and execution methods are no longer effective, and a new approach is needed.

At OKRmentors, we believe that OKRs are the best strategic tool to help teams reach their full potential. We are experts in leadership, transformation, and strategy, specializing in the implementation of OKRs within organizations. We help organizations bridge the gap between strategy and execution through six key enablers:


Elevating the importance of strategy as a day-to-day discourse for all, our team, comprising seasoned OKR experts, emphasizes the intrinsic value of fostering a sense of purpose to drive enduring change. Successful purpose-driven organizations, guided by our OKR expertise, not only inspire and engage their employees, customers, and stakeholders but also stand as beacons of achievement.

Clarity and Focus

Navigating a landscape replete with distractions, our OKR experts specialize in assisting leaders and teams to prioritize their strategic objectives. In an environment where clarity is increasingly challenging and critical, we empower teams and individuals, leveraging our OKR proficiency, to focus on what matters most.


Guiding leaders and teams, with insights from our OKR experts, to align on the value and outcomes they aspire to achieve, we recognize the significance of a shared vision and goals across all organizational levels, from the CEO to the front-line employee.

Motivation and Accountability

Fostering motivation and accountability for overall company success, our OKR experts empower teams to cultivate autonomy and engagement in the pursuit of strategic outcomes.

Customer-centricity and Outcome Mindset

Shaping strategic conversations around prioritizing customers and outcomes, our OKR experts empower teams and individuals to envision the value they can create and the outcomes they aim to achieve.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability

In a world of constant change, our OKR experts focus on cultivating a culture of continuous learning. Empowering leaders to execute strategies with agility, we enable teams to embed ongoing learning and experimentation into their ways of working, ensuring adaptability in the face of evolving realities.

Unlocking Strategy Success: Insights from OKR Experts at OKRmentors

At OKRmentors, we've had the privilege of assisting numerous companies in optimizing their strategic approaches through the OKR method. Drawing from diverse implementations, we've come to a profound realization:

  • While they may not be a silver bullet , leveraging them effectively can indeed contribute to constructing a highly-performing operating system.
  • They serve as means to an end, not an end in itself. The implementation of OKRs aims to enhance the strategic execution enablers, fostering improvement across various facets.
  • Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, OKRs are designed to be adaptable, tailoring themselves to the unique motivation and context of each organization.
  • Instead of expecting leaders and teams to conform, OKRs are here to proactively support and enhance their efforts, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Adhering to underlying enablers is crucial for successful OKR implementation, serving as the key to unlocking its full potential.

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4.9 / 5

Program director Worldline Merchant Services
Paul Taylor

"For me, it was great to be doing the program at the exact point that we are rolling out OKRS in our company. Any questions that we had were answered in the live sessions and online training. So the timing was impeccable. Materials are all very useful. Good practical applications that can be re-used for our own OKR implementation"


4.9 / 5

Co-Founder & CES Focus Coaching and training LLC
Raphael Tchomnou

"I loved:
-The expertise of the trainers
- the diversity and generosity of the participants; the sharing of experiences from multiple industries was beneficial.
-The learning methodology is comprehensive, effective, and straightforward
-The half-day learning format is also very effective for...


4.9 / 5

COO & Co-Founder @Smily
Florian Stenström

"I love OKRmentors, and the team too! The opportunity to be coached by experts that can draw from other experiences in various industries deploying the OKR framework was very valuable and made us save tremendous time. The expertise allowed us to upskill and avoid common mistakes in the process."


4.9 / 5

Program director Worldline Merchant Services
Name Surname

For me, it was great to be doing the program at the exact point that we are rolling out OKRS in our company. Any questions that we had were answered in the live sessions and online training. So the timing was impeccable. Materials are all very useful. Good practical applications that can be re-used for our own OKR implementation

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