Learn the basics of OKRs and take your OKRs coaching skills to the next level with Ben Lamorte, author of The OKRs Field Book, the first book dedicated to OKRs coaching.

  • Who is this Masterclass for?

    Managers - Change Leads - Executives- Employees - External coaches - Consultants

  • Business Management Level

    Strategic - Tactic - Operational

  • Focus of improvement

    OKRs coaching

Masterclass Instructor

OKR Coach

Ben Lamorte

Ben Lamorte has more OKRs coaching experience than anyone on the planet. He coaches business leaders focused on defining and making measurable progress on their most important goals. Building off his success helping 100s of managers draft and refine their team’s Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), he founded OKRs.com in 2014. Lamorte has helped over a hundred organizations deploy OKRs including eBay, Adobe, Capital One, Zalando, Walmart, and Nike. Ben’s most recent book, The OKRs Field Book was published by Wiley in 2022.

Masterclass curriculum

  • 2

    The OKRs Basics

  • 3

    The OKRs Cycle

    • Setting OKRs - Step 1 of the Cycle

    • Quiz: Key result, Health metric or Task?

    • Checking In - Step 2 of the Cycle

    • Reflect and Reset - Step 3 of the Cycle

  • 4

    Implementing OKRs in 3 Phases

    • Phases and Duration of an OKRs Implementation

    • Phase 1 - Roles

    • Phase 1 - Deployment Parameters

    • Phase 2 - Training Workshops

    • Phase 3 - OKRs Cycle Coaching + Drafting Handout

  • 5

    Advanced Topics in OKRs

    • 3 Types of KRs

    • Quiz: Baseline, Metric or Milestone?

    • Examples of Effective KRs

    • OKRs vs KPIs

    • 3 Ways to Score Key Results

    • Quiz: Scoring systems

    • Aligning OKRs

    • The OKRs Tracker

    • 5 OKRs Best Practices

    • OKRs Coaching - What Is It - Why We need It

What's included?

  • Fundamentals of OKRs with an Introduction to OKRs Coaching

    Design an OKRs program and learn the questions coaches ask to keep teams focused and aligned.

  • 120 minutes of content

    20 video lessons, 5 quizzes, a sample chapter from The OKRs Field Book, and a training workshop handout.

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5 star rating

Great Intro to OKR Coaching

Becca Cleare

A good introduction to OKRs and what to focus on as a coach, in my case an internal one. Top practical tips are very helpful as are the free tools. The book...

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A good introduction to OKRs and what to focus on as a coach, in my case an internal one. Top practical tips are very helpful as are the free tools. The book will definitely support this learning.

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